Friday, April 6, 2012

Nostalgia: Vintage Easter Greetings

These wonderful vintage postcards are part of my Easter collection.  The pastoral and cheerful natural images heralding the return of spring in the illustrations make me happy, especially when it means saying good-bye to winter with flocks of fuzzy, newly hatched chicks.  

The hatching chick card (above) originally caught my eye for its elaborate embellishments.  The lovely celadon paper is engraved with lavender metallic ink with a scalloped and bordered edge.  There is also lovely embossing that frames the oval which contains the illustration, which is pasted onto the card.  Having worked in the stationery industry, I appreciate the complexities of these embellishments and their overall subtly.  While the back is inscribed in pencil, “With best wishes for Easter, from Peggy” it is mysteriously not printed for mailing.   

The gathering of chicks around a be-ribboned egg (above) is a postcard that I found in Germany during my visit there in March of 2009.  I discovered it at the same market that I mentioned in my last post.  One of the more interesting details is that the illustration is signed by the artist, something that you don't see too often.

Last but not least, I couldn’t leave out these wonderful Victorian vintage die-cuts of flowering spring wheel barrows.  I found these at one of my local antique haunts and was inspired to use them on some spring-themed decorative boxes I was making.

Just like these little wheel barrows, I hope your spring is off to a bountiful start! 



  1. I really enjoy your post.. Love also the image you provided .. thanks for sharing :)

    1. Hi Frenie, thank you for stopping by my blog and for your comment. I appreciate hearing from you. Hope you have a lovely spring!