Monday, October 8, 2012

Making an Idea a Reality: Announcing The Paper Compass is Open for Business

For the past decade (perhaps even longer) I have had an idea that has haunted me, inspired me, lurked in corners, shown up in odd moments and basically has not left me alone.  (For which I am deeply grateful.)  From a little spark of a thought it kept increasing in size, attracting other, smaller ideas to it like a magnet, until it took on the proportions of something that I could envision, and desired for it to become a reality.  Or as it is commonly known, it became: A Dream.  (And it is still growing.)

As with any idea that is strong, it didn't let up despite long stretches of time or other odds, and through passion (or sometimes frustration) it began to manifest itself in ways both strategic and serendipitous.

Hence, The Paper Compass blog came into being.  It was a way to voice part of a larger vision that I had about exploring creativity; and to combine it with my experience of teaching the subject in an academic setting with the everyday habits and challenges that come from living the process.  I wanted to integrate my love of paper and the tangible tools that craft and document ideas.  And I wanted to help people develop Big Ideas that drive strategy and tell the stories that make ideas memorable.  (And because helping people makes me really, really happy.)

Since the end of the Summer Creativity Challenges, it has been a quiet few weeks on The Paper Compass.  In addition to beginning a new fall semester of teaching Creative Thinking & Problem Solving, I wanted to take some time to grow The Paper Compass and move closer to the vision that I have for this incredible idea where all my passions get to intermingle and play. 

It took some work, and some trips to official looking government buildings, but more than anything else, bringing this idea into reality took courage.  Not the leap-through-a-flaming-hoop kind of courage that is often built on adrenaline and over in the blink of an eye; rather the kind of courage that means taking a deep breath and telling other people about the idea.  Trusting that they would be as excited about it as I am, or, even if they were not, being prepared to put on my Thick Skin and keep my ears open to their thoughts.  It is the kind of courage that makes you set deadlines for yourself—and keep them.  It involves the kind of courage to share really exciting things that happen around the idea, even when it is in the process of becoming real—like the moment you unpack your business cards.  And the kind of courage to tell the world about the idea when it finally feels ready.

So with courage and great pleasure, I would like to announce that I am launching The Paper Compass as a small business offering creativity and marketing consulting to individuals and local businesses.  I have already had the privilege to work with a few wonderful clients who helped inspire me to take this next step, such as Raleigh Green, creator of the Kids Switcheroo - a switch and match driving app for kids (of all ages), and my very talented mom with her custom order baking business mmm…good!

Things will continue as usual here on The Paper Compass blog with posts that continue to explore tools to help inspire your creativity and spark ideas.  I hope that you will stop by often to learn of my newest adventures in putting the creative life to good use and to share your own experiences. 

So in celebration of explorers and believers everywhere this Columbus Day, I hope that you will join me in making your ideas a reality no matter how big or small they are or how much courage you possess.  You may find that you surprise yourself.

The official website of The Paper Compass is under going some design work, will be available soon. 

Also, follow The Paper Compass on Twitter and Facebook for mini-updates on my adventures and links to great content to inspire your creative thinking.  


  1. I must tear myself away from my cozy bed and go start the intro to my Note next weekend at the Watertown library. I will think of your courage (and the summer challenge I haven't completed yet).

  2. Hi Brenna,

    Congratulations! Thank you for enriching our lives in a very creative and special way. I have been checking back everyday since your last summer creative challenge, and was so happy and excited to read this post. I know this will be a labor of love for you; and for this all creative minds are greatful. Since we are in my favorite month of the year, and will be celebrating trick or treat soon, thank you for this special treat.

    Very best success to you!