Sunday, December 16, 2012

Nostalgia: Vintage Christmas Card Countdown No. 1, Merry Christmas from the Milkman

Mailing Christmas Cards and handwritten Season's Greetings is a long standing holiday tradition--and one of my favorite things about the holidays!  I love the cards arriving in the mail in the afternoon just as much as those from my collection of vintage stationery from Christmases past.

As a countdown to December 25th, I hope you enjoy these vintage holiday greetings from my collection in the last week before The Big Day.

Whether you celebrate Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa, or just enjoy having the holiday spirit in your heart, I wish you a joyous and wonderful holiday!

Vintage Christmas Card No. 1
1946 Merry Christmas from Your Milk Salesman  


  1. Hi Brenna,
    Season's greetings and Merry Christmas to you! Thank you for sharing these treasured vintage Christmas cards with us. A thought to share; in our current ultra fast paced digital world, we all need to slow down and spend time enjoying traditions, being together, sharing creativity, and get back to living and loving all seasons and holidays. We have reached a point where soon all holidays will be celebrated via Skype on an iPad or smartphone. You have shared all these beautiful traditions that I love; and also reminded me of what we have lost in our never ending quest for speed, convenience, and instant satisfaction. The digital age has brought us many increadable things and abilities; but we can never forget the importance of human feelings, thoughts, creativity, caring, and love in our lives. During this special time of the year, your words have touched my heart; and for this I am greatful. May your words reach and touch everyone on this day and evermore.

    Very best,
    John Jabro

  2. Thank you for sharing these treasures of a time gone by and an era of simplicity, integrity, manners and kindness toward others. You are such an important link in keeping these things alive in a world of disappearing remembrances. In 50 years, will anyone have saved an email?? Merry Christmas from all of us who appreciate your work.

  3. This is fun, looking forward to the others!